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NaB Sheet

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The NaB Sheet is an integrated sheet of improved asphalt sheet containing PE film and fabric in the lower part, combined with asphalt, polymeric resin and additives to incorporate a hydrophilic NaB seal that exhibits constant flow characteristics.


Seats used for all structures, such as civil structures, architectural structures, rooftop floors, etc.

Civil engineering structures (subway tunnels, underground roadway BOX structures, underground joint ventilation, sewage treatment facilities, etc.)

Building (waterproofing, etc. of exterior walls of underground parking lots, rooftops, underground structures)


1. Self-healing

2. Wet attachment

3. Low temperature attachability

4. Structure Behavior Response Performance

5. Environmental Friendliness

6. Securing integration with heterogeneous materials

7. Maintenance manageability

8. Excellent sustainability

9. Excellent chemical resistance

10. Simple workability

Devision Specification Usage (per ㎡)
NaB Sheet

Asphalt sheet: t= 1.0 mm

NaB Seal: t= 2.0 mm

Sheet Specification: 1m × 10m / Roll

Rooftop and Underground

Upper Slab

Floor: 1.12 ㎡

Wall: 1.12 ㎡

Item Unit Criteria Standard
Tensile strength N / cm 80 or higher KS F 4917
rate of expansion % 15 or higher
Tear Resistance Performance N 20 or higher