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R&D center

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Technology Research Institute in NaB T&C establishes and implements strategies for improving waterproofing
technology level, establishing R&D system, and strengthening product development capabilities.
The Institute of Technology serves as a key leader who not only develops technology
but also establishes a mid- to long-term vision for research and development, thereby presenting the direction
of development of the entire organization and leading it to apply to each business process.

Technical certification

LH공사 가용 신기술인정서
SH공사 신기술인증서
건설신기술 제587호 지정증서
건설신기술경진대회 최우수상
국방부 신기술,우수제품 공문
기업부설연구소 인정서
수자원공사 신기술 사용 협약서
철도시설공단 신기술 등록 공문
충청남도 신기술 우수제품 알림
품질경영시스템인증서 ISO 9001
환경경영시스템인증서 ISO 14001


NaB T&C strives for creative and future creation through research and development activities in various architectural fields. Through the value analysis of R&D projects, we want to increase customer confidence and satisfaction with a reasonable and feasible design. Developing creative and unique waterproof technology, not just making it, is an important factor that Navitien pursues.


NaB T&C has secured about 17 original technology patents for waterproofing field, and currently applied for about 5 patents. We will continue to secure intellectual property through continuous research and development to further enhance our value as a technology company.

No. Title
10-0581225 Method for prevention of flood used blcok
10-0628035 Method for prevention of flood used gel-sheet
10-0834877 Fluid water proof sheet, and method for
constructingthe same
10-1588371 Window system having sealing structure between
the window and windowframe
10-0882233 Waterproof sheet construction apparatus
10-0921405 Structure outer wall waterproofing method and adhere instrument of therein
10-0672240 Method for carrying out water-proof on the roof of oldand new buildings
10-1550495 Waterproof method for interlayer of building concrete
10-0689886 Waterproof protection sheet and adhesion waterproofing method therein
10-0776241 Waterproof sheet
10-0776242 Concrerte pannel and waterproofing apparatus and method of therein
10-0776243 Waterproofing method
10-0993743 Protection structure of Waterproof layer or finishing material and protection method there of
10-1068076 Waterproof sheet
10-1098953 Waterproof sheet
10-1021419 Adhesive waterproof composition for waterproof sheet, the waterproof sheet employing the same and the construction method thereof
10-1949157 Buoyant apparatus
10-2210507 A Separate Multilayer Waterproof Structure and Complex Waterproofing Method Using the Same

R&D research project

We strive to ensure consistency with the government's policy direction through the implementation of a number of national research projects, and further create new values for users by integrating technologies and design elements that emphasize the identity and innovation of windows.

  • Development of no-drainage system positive-side waterproofing technology with seismic resistance performance used in single-side walls of underground structures for sinkhole prevention and underground water flow out in urban areas, KAIA, 01 JAN 2019 ~ 31 DEC 2021

Quality control

To implement the development of perfect waterproof technology using flexible gel and water zero zone, the NaB T&C conducts thorough quality control up to the design stage, material selection stage, material warehousing and inspection stage, production process stage, finished product comprehensive inspection and shipment stage, and on-site construction stage.