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Vision and Objectives

“Nab T&C always think of technology for people and the environment first.”

Warm technology for people

Buildings should be places where people feel
the most comfortable and happy.

NaB T&C considers developing technology
that thinks people first as a priority.

Technology for the Environment

"Development of waterproof technology
that completely prevents leakage in buildings"
is a shortcut to saving resources and protecting
the environment.

NaB T&C is an eco-friendly company that continuously
strives for eco-friendly buildings.

NaB T&C has constantly developed and advanced waterproof technologies
that can preserve the important value of all the spaces.

NaB T&C aims to implement a “Water Zero Zone”, a pleasant environment without leaks,
with perfect technology that fits the environmental characteristics of the building,
not a general technology that anyone can make.

  • We lead advanced technology with faith
    in creative thinking and innovation to realize
    a safe and pleasant residential environment.

  • We make the best company
    that gives customers firm trust.

Management policy

NaB T&C is proud to have more passion and power than any other company.

Behaviorally Anchored

To have a good eye.

Always think creatively.

Be an expert who really loves job.