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CEO greeting

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What if the subway that my family and colleagues use in the morning and evening is contaminated with sewage debris, such as sewage from each household?

What if radon enters the underground parking lot of a complex building, including a department store that my wife and mother use?

Why were oil spills from Yongsan U.S. military bases detected in subway stations?

How many cases around the world have waterproofed ordinary rivers like Cheonggyecheon Stream?

Radon meters are installed in underground parking lots such as subways and department stores. All of these can be found in cracks in concrete and underdeveloped waterproof techniques. Waterproof defects are considered insoluble worldwide. Nevertheless, the construction of deep-sea structures has become inevitable for the efficient use of the land. Waterproofing, which had been understood only for the technical purpose of protecting structures from water and creating comfortable indoor spaces, has begun to attract attention as another area that needs to be addressed.

Due to the technical limitations of waterproofing, rather than blocking the water source from the design stage, we install a perforated pipe to enter the structure, pump it, and discharge it to the ground.

Currently, underground structures easily encountered around us, such as apartments, residential and commercial buildings, subways, communication zones, and power grids, were constructed by this method.

As a result, groundwater and ground pollutants have repeated circulations, causing soil pollution through the soil, which eventually pollutes large-scale groundwater, either through mining or through underground wells installed to supply water to rice paddies.

In particular, air pollutants, the cause of global warming, account for most of the factories, cars, and construction sites.

After 15 years of research, NaB T&C realized the complete waterproof technology and developed the world's first waterproof new materials and construction technology without air pollution, which has been recognized by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. Based on this technology, our executives and employees will continue to work hard to prevent groundwater, soil, and air pollution in Korea and around the world.
Thank you.

CEO  Jang, Hyok-Soo