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WZ2 Quality Assurance Program

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WZ2 Quality Assurance Program

Concept : Setting up clean areas where water does not leak

Purpose : To ensure that buildings with NaB seals are maintained in a watertight clean environment

Title: Water Zero Zone Quality Assurance Program (WZ2 QCP)

Application plan

It provides up to 10 years of quality assurance service for customers who have contracted through construction through NAB-certified partners.

- Sites with a winning rate of 88% or more compared to the anticipated price

- Non-certified partners have entered into a contract for guidance or supervision of construction
technology of the headquarters construction team.

Application target

All waterproofing methods with NaB seals (gels), such as NaB sheets, WaNaB sheets, WaNaB insulation sheets, etc.

Exceptional conditions for application (A/S costs incurred)

- Waterproof quality problems caused by design effects, such as damage and deformation of buildings

- Damage caused by natural condensation due to living environmental conditions or rainwater penetration caused by not closing windows

- Pollution of the waterproof layer, contamination of sealant, etc. due to time change

- Damage to the waterproof layer by the user's intention or mistake (including the upper installation)

- Physical damage caused by natural force majeure, such as natural disasters exceeding design quality